About Us

Founded in 2010 in completely amateur way, under the name of "Virtual D-Reality Projects", VSM Modding, comes in the last few years demonstrating clear improvement in the quality of their work, with their mods already being considered with high quality.
VSM also has its own team of virtual racing, VSM Race Team, the youngest being established in 2012, the team already accumulated victories and even the title of teams and drivers in the old league "SLF1C" and in "EVR". Actually with the brand of "Shadow Racing by VSM" is part of LGM league.
The project "Virtual Racing Games" after called "Racesim library free", began in 2013 and generated a huge library of files available for download. The project become discontinued in 2020.
In 2015 we entered in the business of creating original 3D, creating one of the most popular mods for Rfactor in the year, the 2015 IndyCar.
VSM Modding also works with renderings and custom paintings for some partner teams.
We already have worked in partnership with various teams as : JG Mods, Team Schnell, Snow Schatten Racing Team, among others.
Also worked for virtual leagues like Campeonatos Cláisscos, VORC and LGM.
For contact us use our Facebook page here.